Welcome to Change

Changes are upon us – Ready or not, there are many signs…Earthquakes, Floods, Fire, Volcano, Wars, Crimes, Sickness, etc. etc. and they are all part of the awakening process. We are all being sandwiched by Heaven’s and Hell’s energies (the Yin and the Yang). There are major changes on the horizon as the OLD ENERGIES struggle to control and block the NEW ENERGIES of change that is flooding the Earth at this time. Life as we know it will never be the same.

Humans and the Earth are made from the finest thread of LOVE. In the IMAGE of the ONE (Neo from Matrix?), it is time we welcome the NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS and let go of the OLD AGE OF PISCES (AD1 – AD2150). The transition is not going to be easy, many may fall and many have fallen. We are being confronted by two opposing forces: Love vs. Fear, Control vs. Freedom, Good vs. Bad, Truth vs. False and so on.

The way forward is with our eyes open, see all that is playing out, be prepared, rise above it and HAVE FAITH. Have FAITH in ourselves that we will know what to do when we need to do it. Have FAITH that we will have what we need when we need it. And Have FAITH in LOVE and in EACH OTHER.