Driving Experience & Wisdom

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Author: CK

I have been wanting to share this for a while now because it works for me. I go by the list below, which is why I’m always relaxed and love to drive to this day:

1. Relax and be calm when you’re behind the wheel.  Listen to your favorite music!

2. Turn your head to look for cars next to you and incoming cars when pulling out.  (Mirrors are only good for looking for cars behind you but NOT next to you.)

 3. Don’t be bothered when drivers cut you off.  Keep driving at the same speed.  Be glad they’re not behind you, as they are aggressive drivers, and they push you to drive fast. (They always move on to the next lane.)

 4. Look in all mirrors frequently to observe other drivers’/cars’ behaviors that are around you.  Allow or yield safely for aggressive drivers to pass you. It’s relaxing to drive without aggressive drivers tailgating you. 

 5. When making a lane switch, ALWAYS turn your head to look for cars next to you.  (I’m always spooked when I see cars next to me (thank God I turn!!), so it’s important to turn and look first.  If I relied on mirrors alone when changing lanes, I would run into cars next to me.  Mirrors don’t help to spot cars next to me.  They only help to spot cars behind me.)

 6. If you notice drivers are speeding, do the opposite by slowing down.  (i.e. a driver wanted to overtake me getting into the tunnel when the lights turned green, I let him and removed my foot from the gas pedal.  I felt good doing that!)

 7. When driving on the highway, I prefer the second-to-right lane, so I don’t run into people exiting the ramp at the last minute.  

8. When there is traffic, it’s best to slowly move, so cars behind you will follow your speed, and you don’t have to brake that often.  I leave about two cars apart – sometimes drivers cut me off but rarely.      

9. When approaching bottlenecks, be prepared to let cars cross over to your lane.  

10. Be kind and forgiving to other drivers; be a safe and preventive driver; and ALWAYS look for ways to help alleviate traffic.  Other drivers will appreciate your efforts because I do.