Ascension & the Changes

Whether we realize it or not, there has been much disinformation and propaganda supporting unhealthy lifestyles and ways of being as the norm. There are many rhymes and reasons that we, as humans, are not aware of. Yet many things are unfolding and, believe it or not, we are growing on a collective scale as the invisible force is taking control of our evolution. Nothing is what it seems my friend.

Everything in Life has its time and place, and within our own lives, there have always been twists and turns that have challenged and tested us. If we look at the state of the World, many things are happening very quickly just like in the movie titled, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,” except instead of happening to just one person, it’s happening, in many different ways to all of us, all over the world. You see we are all connected to the fabrics of creation and because of this, we are a fractal of a larger fractal. For example, we are an individual being that is connected to a larger group which we know as the human species. And because we are all connected through the fabrics of creation, we will always be affected by what’s happening out there, and what’s happening out there will always be affected by what happens within us. Thus, the saying goes, “So Within, So Without.” and “As Above, So Below.”

What is really happening, in my opinion, is that we are being confronted and shaken up by two invisible, yet powerful forces. It is the energy of duality of Light vs. Dark, Truth vs. Lies, Love vs. Fear, and the biggest confrontation of Control vs Freedom. You see, the two major players from the higher dimensions all the way down to ours, have always been the Yin and the Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine. As these energies struggle to balance, heal, or rule each other, we too are caught in this masculine and feminine energy outside and within ourselves. If we really observe and analyze it, the Masculine energy is within our Heads, and the Feminine energy resides within our Hearts.

So dear friends, let go of the need to control, judge or do anything that is out of your control. Instead, take this time to question, to be curious and to take positive action that can change your life. Life is not just black and white. And it’s not only what we can see with our physical eyes. There is much that we can’t perceive just like the air we breathe and the subtle energies that only psychics can see. Yet, as human beings, we have an Invincible Soul/Higher Self that is always with us and guiding us every step of the way. And the funny thing is, we are actually these amazing, invisible beings, that we are striving to remember. Many spiritual teachers often tell us, “to go within,” whenever we have questions or need guidance. Now, how do we go within? Just contemplate, think and wonder about it. Then relax, focus on some of your other interests, and be patient until you get the answer. Let go of any negative, self-talk, those are usually our shadow/negative-ego self that is a wounded warrior and tends to block our growth.