Chris Hemsworth’s Health & Lifestyle

Food & Nutrition

What diet does Chris Hemsworth eat?

Chris Hemsworth prefers the Mediterranean diet, which involves a lot of olive oil. He also loves to eat a big, hearty salad that consists of raw and cooked vegetables, fermented products, nuts, seeds, and a lot of good fats with a piece of steak or a big piece of fish. Oct 17, 2023

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What does Chris Hemsworth have for breakfast?

Hemsworth’s authentic breakfast of champions consists of grilled steak, Paleo bread and fried eggs, followed by a green smoothie with plant-based protein powder, spirulina, fresh kale, mint, frozen mango, olive oil and sea salt. Feb 16, 2023

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Does Chris Hemsworth eat junk food?

He says that this is because his body responds best to healthy fats, lean proteins, and vegetables. However, often, his love for fast food and desserts takes over. He says that once in a while, his love for pizzas, burgers, and ice cream takes over. Jun 27, 2022

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Exercising Routine

What kind of workout does Chris Hemsworth do?

Chris Hemsworth's impressive diet and training routine | Marca

The exercises he performs range from squats on a balance cushion, push-ups while keeping his balance and bringing his legs to his elbows to pull-ups to boxing with a bag. According to Mens’ Health magazine, Chris performs 10 rounds of the following exercises: Biceps curl: 10 repetitions. Overhead press: 10 reps.May 29, 2023

Chris Hemsworth’s impressive diet and training routine | Marca