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What does Salma Hayek eat?

Salma Hayek's workout routine: 8 things she swears by

Instead of restricting, she eats a balanced diet full of nutritious foods and less nutritious foods that feed her soul (exhibit A: delicious-looking ice cream). She also loves loading up on juice – so much so that she founded her own company, Cooler Cleanse. Mar 13, 2023

Salma Hayek’s workout routine: 8 things she swears by

She Does Have a Major Food Rule
“The only thing I do is that I don’t eat animals every day. I eat all kinds of meat, but I consume it sparsely,” she explained. “I would never eat two meats in a day. Sometimes I go several days without eating meat, but then I’ll go back.” Feb 16, 2021

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Salma Hayak’s Exercising Routine

She Does Restorative Yoga
‘It’s restorative yoga. She taught me to tone my muscles without clenching them. You relax them and focus on the parts that need to be used, but never with tension. If you’re aware of your body, you’d be surprised by the effect it can have,” Hayek said. Jul 11, 2023

56-year-old Salma Hayek fitness secrets to look half her age!

Salma also loves to swim and walk her dogs.