12 Zodiac Signs – Western Astrology

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Aries (♈)03/21-04/19Red
Taurus (♉) 04/20-05/20Green
Gemini  (♊)05/21-06/20Yellow
Cancer (♋) 06/21-07/22Silver
Leo (♌) 07/23-08/22Orange
Virgo  (♍) 08/23-09/22Brown
Libra (♎) 09/23-10/22Pink
Scorpio (♏) 10/23-11/22Black
Sagittarius (♐) 11/22-12/21Purple
Capricorn (♑) 12/22-01/19Grey
Aquarius (♒) 01/20-02/18Blue
Pisces (♓) 02/19 -03/20Light Green

Confident, honest, bold, Impulsivity, Passionate, Competitive, Courageous, Impatient, Independent

Aries people are bold, energetic, full of vitality, charismatic, fun, lively, passionate, and driven by their hearts and desires. They have to feel ~all in~ on something to succeed in it, but, when they are, they are unstoppable. They thrive on competition, challenges, targets, and rivalry.
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Greedy, Materialistic, Excessively Money Minded, Faithful, Grounded, Hedonism, Jealous, Possessive, Sensual, Slow and Steady

Taurus have a regal quality about them. They are graceful and diligent laborers. They can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in their ways, but they are also great listeners and very dependable. Taurus can absolutely go on forever.
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 Flexible, adaptble, witty, wise, and whimsical, adaptable, outgoing, and astute

Their strong communication skills and quick wit allows them to talk to just about anyone. While they thrive on stimulation, they tend to get bored easily. Their intrinsic duality has earned them the reputation of being two-faced or unreliable—but it’s only because Geminis are so flexible and open-minded.
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Moody, Protective, Emotional, Sentimental, Clingy, Creative, Intuitive, Loyal, Gentle, Soft

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. Cancerians are primarily known for being emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive, as well as being sensitive and sometimes insecure. Their elemental sign is water, which makes sense when you consider the emotional depths associated with this sign.
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Generous, Confident, Creativity, Loyal, Ambitious, Charisma, Honest, Leo traits, Passionate, Possessive, Bold, Leaders, Protective, Regal, Strong, Stubborn, Vivacious, attention seeking, Arrogant, Determined

Leos are noted for being lively, fun, loyal, and honest in their individual connections, demonstrating their enthusiasm for life. From their love relationships, Leos want deep devotion, focused attention at the proper times, and experience.
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Humble, industrious, practical, grounded, discipline, compassionate, natural, kind, and sympathetic

Virgos are loveable, complex and endearing. Their kind, problem-solving nature and down-to-earth vibes make them a great partner or friend – though you might find their methodical, matter-of-fact nature a little blunt at times.
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Balance, harmonious, peaceful, fair, easy-going, charming, intelligence, persuasive, artistic, idealistic, creative

Librans are extroverted, cozy, and friendly people. Librans, like the Scales that symbolize the sign, are often concerned with attaining balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the world. With their vast stores of charm, intelligence, frankness, persuasion, and seamless connectivity, they are well-equipped to do so.
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Ambitious, Brave, Loyal, Secretive, Obsessive, Intuition, Controlling, Determined, Honest, Jealous, Passionate, Strategy, Stubborn

Scorpio character traits include being strong, enigmatic and independent characters who crackle with an intensity and charisma that makes them un-ignorable. For all of that power though, they often remain unknowable to others, because they guard themselves and their private lives fiercely.
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Adventurous, Optimistic, Curious, Humor, Honest, Friendly, Impatient, Idealistic, Philosophy, Enthusiastic, Generous, Impulsivity, Blunt, Boastful, Bold, Energetic, Independence

A Sagittarius values independence and the ability to do what they want, when they want, above all else. They are adventurers, risk-takers, and have a sharp business and sports mentality. Sagittarius natives are known for their emotional intelligence, which helps them to connect with others.
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Ambitious, Hardworking, Loyal, Sensitive, Persistent, Pessimistic, Critical, Disciplined, Honest, Organized, Practical, Stubborn, Condescending, Controlling, Depressed, Insensitive, Reserved, Suspicious, Workaholic

Capricorn is hardworking, ambitious, and responsible. Meanwhile, on the bad side, the Capricorn sign is pessimistic, work-obsessed, and stubborn.
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Humanitarian, Creative, Intelligence, Independent, Analytical, Artistic, Easy going, Extremism, Idealistic, Stubborn, Detach, Neutral

Aquarians are clever, analytical, technical, truthful, assertive, confident, progressive and innovative. They like to solve problems, improve what’s already working well, and push boundaries. They are activists, campaigners and progressors of the causes they think will make a difference to the world.
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Empathetic, mystical, pleasure-seeking, romantic, imaginative and impressionable

Pisces are highly creative and imaginative, Walker reports, as well as compassionate and loving. Their emotional sensitivity factor is high, helping them to remain in tune with others but also leaving them vulnerable to criticism, worrying a lot about the effect that their actions might have on others.
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