$20 Minimum Wage – The Pros & Cons

Subject: Fast Food Minimum Wage Effective April 1, 2024
Established by: Declared by Governer Gavin Newsom of California.

Author: Sok-Kah-Dee, Researcher, Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Summary of this article is to pinpoint the pros and cons of raising the new minimum wage. This is only my opinion, and I would like to share it. I see this change as a “Tough Love” for everyone.

1) Health Benefits
From my perspective, as much as I love the taste of burgers, breakfast sandwiches, packaged ketchup and dressing, etc. as a Research Nutritionist, majority of the famous Fast-food restaurant’s food are very unhealthy. They are full of unknown chemicals and ingredients that have many UN-healthy benefits and studies are just catching up to it. Yet, it’s a little too late as many people are suffering with weight issues, high-blood pressures, diabetes, depression, brain mal-functions, and more. And unfortunately, many are not aware of the importances of real food and nutrition.

2) People are being compensated more for being a good employee, as now, companies are more selective to keeping good, essential and useful workers and upgrade their food to healthier choices.

3) People are being ushered to make drastic changes in their lives as this is a “Wake Up Call,” to the fortunate, as well as the unfortunate. Those who have been fortunate to be owners and franchisers have been supporting companies that are not in humanity’s best interest. The unfortunate are the workers and the customers who are being fed the unhealthy food and system that are looking down on humanity (as if we are a slave race).

4) To the spiritual aware and evolve ones, this may seem like a gift in disguise.

1) As Inflation is going up, this actually means the dollar value is going down.
2) People are now being nudged or pushed to live and learn as life does have cause and effect.
3) Life is going to get harder for those that have been unprepared and unaware of their situation.
4) More chaos as people goes into depression, shock and violence.
5) To the unaware and ignorant ones, this seems like a cruel fate.

In conclusion, it seems we are going through some growing pain. “Tough love” is a lesson that will make or break people. It can make those who look weak, to man up/woman up and find their inner strength, power and creativity once again. For positive changes to occur, boredom, complacency, indifference and dependency are not the answer. In this current world, we live in a world of duality where there are good and bad, ascension and descension, evolve and devolve, etc. As the world changes and nothing is set in stone, everything is going through its own evolution, this includes humans. Everyone has the tools and the capabilities to make changes, as life is not self-destructive.

Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Innovative and Be Sovereign.

FYI Excerpt:
The minimum wage was raised to $3.80 an hour beginning April 1, 1990, and to $4.25 an hour beginning April 1, 1991. The amendments also established a training wage provision (at 85% of the minimum wage, but not less than $3.35 an hour) for employees under the age of twenty, a provision that expired in 1993.
History of Changes to the Minimum Wage Law | U.S. Department of Labor

California’s statewide minimum wage is $16 per hour. Newsom signed a law last year that says fast food restaurants that are part of a chain with at least 60 locations nationally must pay their workers at least $20 per hour beginning April 1. Mar 6, 2024
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s campaign donor says his Panera Bread …

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