Behaviors That Turn People Off

  1. All they do is complain.
  2. They’re selfish and arrogant.
  3. They lack empathy.
  4. They have no consideration for others.
  5. They love to talk but not listen.
  6. They think what they want to think.
  7. They take almost everything too seriously.
  8. They lack social awareness.
  9. They criticize every little thing.
  10. They hear what they want to hear.
  11. They can’t be trusted and unreliable.
  12. They always have the last word and believe they are always right.
  13. They love to be negative.
  14. They create and love drama.

Actually, in my opinion, we all have some of these traits, after all, we’re not perfect. Yet, if someone has too much negative traits that out weights the positive, chances are, you are in a toxic relationship. Sometimes toxic relationships are unavoidable as it involves our loved ones. The best way is to allow them to be them and stop reacting to them. I find giving people the silent treatment and avoiding them, and creating boundaries helps make life much easier for myself. Sometimes when they are feeling better, I mentioned a thing or two. 🙂

There are many reasons why we are what we are, yet there is negative energies that may surrounds us and can encourage and amplifies this. This topic is for another day regarding dark energies and possessions.

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