Why Are Things So Chaotic

The short answer is that we are changing. The true answer is that we are at a crossroad which some are evolving, and some are devolving. This major crossroad is where there are trials and tribulations that will test us. These tests are either going to make us or break us. Yet life’s experiences were never meant to break or be self-destructive, instead they are tests and lessons that will help us see our inner strength and weaknesses that need to be acknowledged.

The best thing to do right now is:
1) Buckle up, prepare a to go bag (just in case)
2) Prepare some food and clean water backup
3) Exercise and get healthy as best you can
4) Stay positive, question everything and discern as there are many agenda, surprises and timeline bleeds.
5) Trust yourself, have faith in loved ones and others that have similar destination.