Discernment for Soul Families as Earth Ascends

It seems as we and the Earth keep rising in vibration, more discernment and awareness are essential. As the predators are not only strong but very intelligent and sneaky. The innocents need to start trusting themselves more instead of relying on those they thought were friends. I think this animal trickery example may be a good FYI for us as humanity. In the spiritual community, I am seeing many people getting disinformed by many well intended spiritual teachers. And, in our surroundings, people are being assaulted by strangers (esp. In the major cities: Los Angelos, NY, FL, NC…) Be Strong & Sovereign. Stay Vigilant yet Hight Vibe. Be Kind. Send/Act Love.

As we are going into a magical world, we still have to be aware and awake as the stake are high for both the light and the dark. Tips is to build your body, think positive, research more and get healthy.

Baboons Trick Others Onto the Lion´s Dinner Table I Nature is Brutal