Human Life is Precious and more…

Yashti- Sings alone; Samashti means entire creation – Sing with others
Many Soul competes for a body and only one can win; that is why human birth and life is very precious
Don’t waste it in insignificant things
We eat to live, not live to eat.
All the good things have been left and we have adopted all the bad habits.
Take medicine – Yes, when needed, at times I do take medicine.

In Srimad Bhagwad there is a story of king Ajamila. He had all vice habits.
This story is there to build trust in people that however their past would have been, there is no need of wasting away time in tension and guilt of the past.
Even at the last moment if you chant Narayana’s (Lord) name, you have a chance to be liberated.
This not at all means, do whatever in life and at the last moment chant Narayana’s name.
It doesn’t give you license to do all vices.
It only indicates don’t be in the guilt of the past and go on repenting thinking of the past.
Past is gone. At least now be devoted and connected to the divine.

Q: Is it necessary to be competitive?
Sri Sri: With yourself. Compete with yourself.

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