Top Money Advice

Live your best life.

  1. Plan your expenditures wisely, spend as little as possible
  2. Set Up an Automatic Savings Account, Save Smartly
  3. Manage Your Credit Card Debt Wisely
  4. Keep Your Cars Longer
  5. Double Your Debt Payment Whenever Possible
  6. Move High-Interest Debt to a Low-Interest One
  7. Keep Your Investments and Savings Separate
  8. Maintain Your Credit Score 700+
  9. Keep Your Assets Diversified
  10. Minimize Your Costs Whenever Possible
  11. Invest 15%+ in 401(k) and Take Advantage of Employer Matchin
  12. Always Create a Will
  13. Get, Take Advantage, of Experts’ Help and Advice as Needed
  14. Live Below Your Means
  15. Withdrawing 1-3% of Your Savings Each Year
  16. Retire Later or Whenever You Are Ready To
  17. After 60s, Stay Out of Reverse Mortgage
  18. Payoff All Debt Before You Retire