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Product Description

Tamarind is a sticky, sour-sweet fruit. It is rich in many nutrients and antioxidants that help support and maintain the body’s overall health.

Benefits of Tamarind:

Supports all organs: heart, liver, lung, kidneys, etc.

Anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-aging , anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects
Support healthy skin, hair and nails
Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Helps digestion and bowel movement
Help weight loss
Antiseptic and heal wounds and many skin issues (blemishes, acne, and cellulite)

Prevent Chronic Diseases (high in vitamin C and carotenoids)

Supports joints, nerves and muscles

Tamarind has a distinctive flavor and is used in many Asian gourmet dishes and drinks. It can be used as an antiseptic and a detox drink. It’s tasty in tea and is often used in many tropical dishes around the world for its sour and sweet flavoring.