Website Design & Services Proposal

Thank You for this opportunity to submit a proposal for your consideration to have me work on some or all of your website(s). With my administrative, technical skills and experiences, I am sure that I can help to complement your needs.


1) To have a Website Administrator to help with routine and daily maintenance, data entry and updates.
2) An experienced Website Coordinator to add extensions, links, new ideas, layout, contents, etc.
3) A Web Specialist that can troubleshoot and perform not only the administrative tasks, but so much more on the technical side.
4) A Web Designer/Developer that can quickly learn, grow and multi-task the many technical aspects and mechanisms of working with an advanced, interactive Auto Dealer’s website.
5) A flexible and knowledgeable specialist that’s capable and able to provide you and Topline Auto what’s necessary to have an attractive, professional and positive online presence.
6) To continue having a booming business and a website that can support you and your needs.
7) A great website that’s easy to find, user-friendly, and yet resourceful enough for providing information and traffic.


Depending on what you need and the complexity of your website(s), I can offer the following services:
1) Website Administrator & Coordinator – contents and graphics design for an effective and attractive website.
2) Website Designer/Development for improvement, expansion and user-friendly experiences.
3) Website Content Specialist – writing, editing, maintenance and updates on a regular basis.
4) Content management for E-commerce, WordPress and/or any other platforms as needed.
5) Customization, site’s flexibility and any other requirement needed may be added on-demand.


Initial Payment: $1,500
Website Administration/Management: $2,500/monthly
E-Commerce or Auto Listing may be additional due to data-entry time and labor.

Here is a demo of your site, Topline Auto Demo, just to showcase some of my skills and capabilities. I can actually do a lot more for any website (from start to finish), but it really depends on the site and what you really need and want.

If you would like to see one of my websites, please check out

I can be a Contractor as a Website Administrator and/or help out with as a Web Designer/Developer. Whatever you need, I am flexible and more than happy to work with you.

To Start, please provide the following:
1. Any Username and password access to your websites and any other platforms, subscriptions sites that you’re currently using.
2. E-mail me or send me your projects. 

Again, thank you Zim for giving me this opportunity.


Kady Krouch